How You Can  Improve Your Tone in 30 Days (Your Family Will Appreciate It Too!)


Enjoy Today's Free Video - Improve Tone in High Notes -  Watch for at least 5 minutes to get access to information about more tone videos in the Better Clarinet Tone series. In this video you learn about how working on these tone exercises can significantly improve your high notes and intonation.

Michelle Invites you to explore more tone lessons to really help you sound as beautiful as possible on your clarinet.

Better Clarinet Tone presents the most important things that you need to know to sound better on clarinet, and fix the most common tone frustrations. This includes:

  • Several hours of video content designed to teach you everything you need to know to produce good clarinet tone, while getting rid of common clarinet frustrations
  • Valuable downloadable worksheets
  • 30-Day Tone Workouts - This is the exact system you need, in 10 - 15 minutes a day, to enjoy clear improvements on your clarinet in the next month
  • Bonus repertoire: Rose Etudes with bar-by-bar instruction from Michelle on how you can use your new tone technics to play beautiful music

100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee - Try the tone course, and if it is not right for you, I will refund your tuition.


Here's what others have experienced with Better Clarinet Tone, and How To Play Clarinet More Easily:

"The 30 day tone challenge has given me a great insight into the role of the stomach muscles in air support and as a result my tone has improved markedly. I really enjoyed the 30 day format with the very manageable time required for each day"

Trish Shanahan

"Michelle’s presentation is always delightful but her real genius comes in the 30 day workouts. When you have completed them, you find that you are playing so much better and you don’t really know why – magic!"


"I can heartily recommend Michelle Anderson’s online clarinet courses. I have taken two that she has offered, and I was lucky enough to be included in two master classes. If your busy lifestyle precludes private live lessons, you will appreciate the help that Michelle can offer you on the internet."

Murray S. Feldstein, M.D.

"In my late 50’s, after decades of desire, I finally decided to start learning to play the clarinet. But with my busy and unpredictable schedule, I did not have time to commit to regular lessons. I started practicing on my own and soon experienced issues and needed help. I searched the internet and encountered Michelle Anderson’s clarinet lesson and community website. As I viewed her videos on YouTube it became apparent very quickly that she was a top professional clarinetist who had a tremendous gift for teaching. Having many decades of experience in teaching students, she knows how to explain and demonstrate principles effectively so the student can internalize them. She imparts the fundamentals and creates the foundation for good (lifelong) technique. Through her How To Play Clarinet More Easily course I am continuing to experience an ongoing process of improvement in all dimensions of playing - tone, high notes, articulation, fingering, rhythm…. Her lessons opened my eyes to the vital importance of “fast air” to make good sound. She showed me how to achieve a good embouchure. She answered many of my nagging questions such as why I was “getting squeaks” and why at times it seemed “difficult to blow”. I even found answers to questions concerning reeds and mouthpieces. Finally, and maybe most importantly, I find her lessons highly enjoyable and I look forward to future sessions with her videos."

Laurie Balagurchik MD FACP CAPT, MC, USN (Retired) (30 years US Navy)